Church Membership

Joining Central Baptist Church

We’re excited to have you consider Central Baptist Church as the place you want to belong. Our Membership Class is the place to go and hear about what we believe God is up to in the world, what He is doing at Central, and it also provides us an opportunity to get to know you and your story.

The membership of Central Baptist Church shall consist of individuals:

  • Who have made a public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord;
  • AND desire to be numbered among His disciples;
  • AND subscribe to and agree with the “Articles of Faith” and practices of this church;
  • AND have experienced scriptural baptism by full emersion in this church or in a church of like faith and order;
  • AND have been received into the Central Baptist fellowship by three-fourths vote of the active membership in attendance at any regular service.

If you wish to join us in membership at Central Baptist Church, you may contact Pastor Shane at (936) 544-3677 or speak to him during the invitation time at the end of any Sunday morning service.

All candidate(s) for membership shall be examined by the Pastor as having adopted the “Articles of Faith” and practices of Central Baptist Church by the signing of the “Church Membership Application.”